SMART believes that the hostile political climate of today demands confrontation and action to combat the many threats posed to our core mission of equity, and so we have introduced a comprehensive initiative to forge a path of awareness, civic engagement, and activism that invites the participation of our SMART community. Welcome to SMART HEART Activism!

For our fall 2018 session, we presented a series of 8 workshops developed and led by instructor Pat Jerido, the principal consultant at Leadership Matters Consulting, who guided us through lessons in basic civics and the un-whitewashed history of our country’s development. In winter 2019 we learned about intersectionality and the history of SMART, as well as attending to our physical and spiritual healing in yoga classes and instruction in self-defense techniques. The session ended with an introduction to creative art as a form of activism, with Iakowi:he’ne’ Oakes/Mohawk of the Iroquois Confederacy teaching us to be makers rather than consumers. She will be our instructor for the spring 2019 session, and we are thrilled to see where she will lead us!


Watch the process unfold!


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SMART is deeply grateful to Red Hot for their generous support of SMART HEART Activism!